Never be in doubt again.

A revolutionary AI based, proprietary regulatory compliance engine that instantly and automatically performs client categorisation, suitability and appropriateness checks, and much more. 

mPASS™ instantly and automatically answers the following question for the financial institution: “Can we offer this client product X with service Y in country Z?”

Suitability and Appropriateness Checks

mPASS™ automatically performs suitability and appropriateness checks, providing you with full products and services cross-border clearances 

Client Categorisation

mPASS™ automatically and correctly categorises your clients in accordance with the relevant legislation for differing jurisdictions

Always Up-to-date

mPASS™ keeps up to date with regulatory changes during the client’s lifecycle, ensuring continuous compliance

Discover how Muinmos' Regulatory Onboarding Engine helped a Global Financial Institution Onboard Its Clients in Less Than 3 Minutes

The Golden Standard in Regulatory Compliance

  • Market Unique

    mPASS™ is the only product in the market that harnesses AI to automatically perform suitability and appropriateness checks, client categorisation and all other parts of regulatory onboarding

  • Never turn down a client

    mPASS™ Increases new business opportunities by identifying which products and services you can sell to which clients & in which jurisdictions

  • Smooth Client Experience

    By automating complex regulatory process like suitability and appropriateness checks, mPASS™ allows for a smoother, shorter journey for the applicant and assures straight-through-processing for any client type

  • Protects the FI

    mPASS™ not only provides vital investor protection but also protects the financial institution from regulatory fines, reversals of trades and inadvertent mis-selling

  • Continuous Compliance

    mPASS™ keeps up to date with relevant changes in legislation and alerts in case a client's category has changed or products and services provided are no longer suitable or appropriate


Learn more about our two other modules for a complete client onboarding solution and onboard any client type in under 3 minutes

Muinmos mCHECK

mCHECK™ complements Muinmos’ other modules by providing full, instant and automated KYC/KYB/AML/AML checks through built-in connectivity to multiple data-providers.

Muinmos mRX

mRX™ is Muinmos’ innovative risk assessment tool. Clients can select which modules to integrate with or combine all three for a complete compliance solution.