Facial Recognition

Streamline Customer Verification and Outpace Competitors. Empower your customers to effortlessly validate their digital identities within minutes, on their preferred devices, anytime, anywhere. Enhance security measures with liveliness detection and facial recognition technologies.

Muinmos Liveliness
Facial Recognition Benefits

Enhance Customer Experience

Enable thorough identity and document verification remotely, providing real-time insights into counterparty risks while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Accelerate Customer ID Verification

Efficiently capture and verify customer details online, eliminating paperwork and the need for in-person interactions.

Sensitive Data

Securely store critical customer identity information in the Cloud with a robust audit trail mechanism in place.

Convenient Digital Identity Validation

Simplify customer sign-up processes by allowing them to easily capture ID photos using their mobile devices.

How does Muinmos Liveliness|Facial Recognition works?


Automate digital identity, document, and liveliness authentication.
Facilitate rapid and effective onboarding through seamless, paperless ID capture and validation. Verify the legitimacy of an ID and the identity of its holder through Liveliness | Facial Recognition.


Monitor the status of each digital identity verification (Liveliness | Facial Recognition). Review, oversee, and act upon individual ID verifications at your convenience using our user-friendly dashboard.


Mitigate business risk
Stay informed about your clients' risk profiles and receive notifications of pertinent updates, ensuring ongoing compliance with AML regulations.

FAQ about Liveliness

What is Liveliness and why is it important?

Liveliness is the process of confirming the authenticity and validity of an individual's identity documents, such as passports, driver's licenses, national IDs, residential permits. It is crucial for businesses to conduct Iiveliness to prevent fraud, comply with regulations, and ensure the security of their operations.

How does ID verification work?

Liveliness typically involves capturing images of an individual's identity documents and conducting checks to verify the information against trusted databases or sources. This process may include checking for security features, verifying the document's expiration date, and comparing the information with other sources to confirm its accuracy.

How secure is Liveliness?

Liveliness technology offers a high level of security by analysing unique facial features for authentication. Its security depends on robust encryption, data protection measures, and compliance with privacy regulations.

Secure Client Onboarding with Muinmos:
Comprehensive KYC Verification

PEP & Sanctions

Ensures compliance by screening clients against Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and sanctions lists worldwide.


Ongoing Monitoring

Continuously monitors clients to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations and mitigate risks.


Adverse Media

Identifies any negative news or information associated with clients across global media sources.



Confirms the authenticity of client-provided identification documents and addresses.



Validates the authenticity of client-provided identification documents and addresses through facial recognition technology.



Utilizes electronic methods for customer identification, streamlining the KYC process.


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