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Muinmos is an award-winning RegTech company with a unique AI-based product that instantly validates your clients, from the onboarding stage and throughout their lifecycle with your financial institution, and covers key regulatory and legislative frameworks including MiFID II.


Muinmos’ regulatory onboarding engine provides a fast, cost-effective way of onboarding more clients, with the reassurance that you are complying with up-to-date regulatory requirements and that your client profiles are being monitored 24/7, along with your risk assessments.

Muinmos’ 3 product modules, when combined provide a complete regulatory onboarding solution, including MiFID II client onboarding.

Instant regulatory clearances with a full audit trail with ongoing monitoring
Muinmos mPASS

A unique financial services client onboarding solution which:

  • Instantly answers the question: “can we offer client V product X service Y in country Z”
  • Significantly cuts onboarding time
  • Mitigates fines and cuts costs
  • Allows onboarding of more clients

Keeps up-to-date with changes in legislation throughout the client lifecycle

Instant KYC/AML reports, full audit trail and ongoing monitoring
Muinmos mCHECK

Links directly to a number of reputable databases. Automatically performs all checks related to:

  • KYC
  • KYB
  • AML
  • CFT

Monitors changes in client profile throughout the client lifecycle.

Instant monitoring risk status with a full audit trail with ongoing monitoring
Muinmos mRX

Produces an instant full risk report including:

  • KYC/AML risk assessment
  • Jurisdictional risk assessment
  • Delivery channel risk assessment
  • Product(s), service(s), client category risk assessment

Automatically updates the risk assessments throughout the client lifecycle

A One-Stop-Shop for Compliance & Regulatory Onboarding

Muinmos’ financial services client onboarding solution provides the following benefits:

  • One single API
  • Standalone or integrated
  • Cloud based
  • Encrypted & GDPR compliant
  • Fully customisable by Financial Institutions
  • Global coverage
  • Full audit trail
  • Simple migration of existing clients

Muinmos offers onboarding of any client type in under 3 minutes, including MiFID II client onboarding.

Using mPASS™, clients are correctly and instantly classified in accordance with the relevant legislation in accordance with both the domicile of the financial institution and their client.

Using mPASS™, a client’s knowledge and experience, financial situation and investment objectives are assessed in compliance with the prevailing regulatory requirements and guidelines. Assessments, including scoring and thresholds, can be customised according to the financial institution’s internal compliance policies and procedures.

mPASS™ enables compliant cross border and third-country selling by securing the regulatory clearances of the financial institution’s clients from any part of the world, ensuring the products and services offered to their client are permitted in the relevant jurisdictions at all times.

mCHECK™ conducts all relevant KYC/AML checks and provides the financial institution with clearances on politically exposed persons (PEPs),  sanctions and watchlists, adverse media and other types of relevant data in consolidated and structured profiles.

Regulatory Sandboxes

Muinmos is taking part in the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) sandbox and was selected for the 5th cohort of the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) sandbox. We welcome the participation of financial institutions that are keen to test the innovative impact of our proprietary Regulatory Onboarding Engine on their regulatory compliance. We are interested in working in partnership with regulators to use our proprietary technology to create the highest standards in regulatory compliance.


Muinmos mPASS Screen

Why Muinmos?

Muinmos delivers a faster, more efficient way to perform cross-border regulatory compliance and provides an enhanced client onboarding experience.

The innovative Muinmos proprietary Regulatory Onboarding Engine has been developed in-house applying natural language processing, machine learning and neural nets by a team of legal and compliance experts and technologists, all with decades of experience in major markets as well as insight from working with global regulators. Muinmos’ Founder and CEO, Remonda Kirketerp-Møller, a qualified lawyer in multiple jurisdictions, has held Board level positions and headed up legal, compliance and regulatory functions within two global financial institutions.

Muinmos understands the pain points and inefficiencies of the traditional compliance model which can impede sales and result in faulty client onboarding, leaving the financial institution at risk of mis-selling.

Award Winning Proprietary Regulatory Onboarding Engine

Muinmos RegTech100
Muinmos Best RegTech Reporting Solution

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