Ongoing Monitoring

Utilise automated client ongoing monitoring that notifies you of any changes in risk profiles for both businesses and individuals instantly, allowing you to stay informed about political exposure, sanctions, or adverse media. This ensures ongoing compliance with minimal manual effort required.

Why choose Ongoing Monitoring with Muinmos?

Proactively mitigate risk exposure. Receive comprehensive insights into every pertinent alteration to a customer’s profile in real-time, enabling you to implement enhanced checking protocols to promptly address any risks.

Tailored to your needs

Enhance efficiency with tailored risk alerts delivered exclusively to your team.

Stay compliant with ease

Ensure compliance effortlessly with our extensive coverage of PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media data.

Real-time client monitoring

Receive instantaneous alerts regarding changes in your clients' risk status, empowering your business to respond swiftly.

FAQ about Ongoing Monitoring

What is Ongoing Monitoring, and why is it important for businesses?

Ongoing Monitoring involves the continuous tracking of changes in a customer's risk profile over time. It is crucial for businesses to ensure ongoing compliance, identify emerging risks, and maintain a proactive approach to risk management.

How does Ongoing Monitoring help businesses mitigate risks effectively?

Ongoing Monitoring allows businesses to stay informed about any changes in their clients' risk status in real-time. By promptly identifying and addressing potential risks such as political exposure, sanctions, or adverse media, businesses can take proactive measures to mitigate these risks and protect their interests.

What measures are in place to ensure the accuracy and reliability of Ongoing Monitoring alerts?

Ongoing Monitoring solutions are designed to deliver accurate and reliable alerts by leveraging advanced technology and comprehensive data sources. These solutions employ sophisticated algorithms to analyse and validate risk-related data, ensuring that businesses receive timely and actionable insights to support their risk management efforts.

Secure Client Onboarding with Muinmos:
Comprehensive KYC Verification

PEP & Sanctions

Ensures compliance by screening clients against Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and sanctions lists worldwide.


Ongoing Monitoring

Continuously monitors clients to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations and mitigate risks.


Adverse Media

Identifies any negative news or information associated with clients across global media sources.



Confirms the authenticity of client-provided identification documents and addresses.



Validates the authenticity of client-provided identification documents and addresses through facial recognition technology.



Utilizes electronic methods for customer identification, streamlining the KYC process.


Trustworthy Accolades: Recognitions You Can Rely On