A KYC/AML Solution that Performs All KYC/AML Checks Instantly and Automatically Via Numerous Data-sources and Keeps Monitoring Client Throughout Lifecycle

Built-in Connectivity

Muinmos’ mCHECK™  KYC/AML solution allows you to link to numerous data-sources directly through the solution

All KYC/AML Checks

From PEPs and Sanctions to POR and Beneficial Ownership, the mCHECK™ KYC/AML solution allows you to perform any kind of due-diligence check, anywhere

Instant & Automated

mCHECK™ performs all KYC/AML checks instantly and automatically according to your predefined configurations

Rigorous Global KYC/KYB/AML/CFT Checks

mCHECK, Muinmos' KYC/AML solution, is a key module in Muinmos’ client onboarding platform, enhancing KYC compliance processes.

It provides a comprehensive set of due diligence tools including KYC/KYB/AML/CFT checks to assist Financial Institutions with client and third-party risk mitigation, combating financial crime.

mCHECK™ is industry-unique in that it interfaces with numerous data-sources. All data-sources are checked and vetted by Muinmos' experts. More can be added upon request.

mCHECK™ keeps monitoring your clients daily throughout client lifecycle, alerting in case of a relevant change like address change or new adverse media.

mCHECK™ is cloud-based and offered as a standalone solution or together with mPASS™ and/or mRX™.



Muinmos mCHECK

Discover how Muinmos' Client Onboarding Platform helped a Global Financial Institution Onboard Its Clients in Less Than 3 Minutes

Full company verification including ultimate beneficial owners, financial data, credit scoring, corporate events and more
Full individuals verification including PEPs, sanctions, POI, POR, adverse media screening and much more
mCHECK™, Muinmos' KYC/AML solution, provides global coverage from multiple KYC/AML data providers through one integration only
Constant monitoring of clients' profiles to verify continuance compliance


Learn more about our two other modules for a complete client onboarding solution and onboard any client type in under 3 minutes

Muinmos mPASS

mPASS™ complements Muinmos’ other modules by providing full financial product, services and cross-border clearances including automated categorisation, suitability & appropriateness checks.

Muinmos mRX

mRX™ is Muinmos’ innovative risk assessment tool. Clients can select which modules to integrate with or combine all three for a complete compliance solution.

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