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KYB Solution

Our comprehensive KYB (Know Your Business) platform offers a variety of solutions to help your company conduct thorough due diligence on your corporate clients. Below are some of the key solutions included in our KYB offering:

Sanction Screening

Identify if your corporate clients are sanctioned or associated with globally sanctioned entities.

Industry Code/ Classification

Assign relevant industry codes to your corporate clients for classification and analysis purposes.

Corporate Filing

Access company registration and filing documents to obtain legal and financial information.

Adverse Media Screening

Monitor adverse news about your business counterparts to identify potential risks.

Company Validation

Verify the legitimacy and authenticity of companies you do business with.

Ultimate Beneficial Owners

Identify the true ultimate owners of your corporate clients to comply with transparency regulations.


Obtain information about the directors and officers of companies, including their history and involvement in other organisations.

Credit Rating

Assess the credit risk of your corporate clients based on credit ratings and financial history.

Group Structure(s)

Map and understand the complete corporate structure of your business counterparts, including subsidiaries and affiliates.

Muinmos KYB benefits for your company

Increased Efficiency

Bid farewell to manual, time-consuming processes. Our KYB software optimises operations, enabling you to accomplish more in less time, all while maintaining precision.

Risk Mitigation

Stay ahead of potential risks with our comprehensive ongoing monitoring technology. Proactively identify and mitigate risks, safeguarding your firm's reputation.

Cost Reduction

Lower operational costs associated with compliance using our cost-effective KYB solution. Eliminate the need for manual labour and decrease the risk of expensive fines.

Continuous Compliance

Rest assured knowing your firm remains compliant with the latest regulations. Our KYB software equips you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate complex regulatory landscapes effortlessly.

Simplified Decision-Making

Access accurate and up-to-date KYB data and insights to make confident, informed decisions, propelling your firm toward success.

Enhanced Flexibility

Our KYB software offers customisable features and flexible deployment options, allowing you to tailor the solution to your firm's unique needs. Our software seamlessly adapts to your requirements.

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