mRX™ Risk Assessment Tool

Pioneering Risk Assessment Tool

mRX™ creates instant and automated client risk assessments based on all relevant factors including jurisdictional, client type and category, product and service offered, and KYC/AML parameters.

The innovative regulatory matrix scores the risk on the basis of fully configurable parameters, and updates the risk score constantly based on input generated by the mPASS™ and/or mCHECK™ modules.

It covers areas such as jurisdictional risk, regulatory risk, categorisation risk, product risk, KYC risk and provides a real-time client risk assessment on the Financial Institution’s client base. Importantly, it monitors all clients from the onboarding stage and throughout their lifecycle with the Financial Institution. 

Muinmos mRX

Discover how Muinmos' Client Onboarding Platform helped a Global Financial Institution Onboard Its Clients in Less Than 3 Minutes


Fully Configurable

Risk profile every client based on your own risk parameters, easily configurable onto the platform. 

Constantly Updating Risk Assessments

Never be surprised by changing risk. The mRX™ risk assessment tool constantly updates its assessments on the basis of information from the other two modules and changes in FI's risk policies. 

Instant and Automated

The mRX™ risk assessment tool provides the FI with an instant, automated risk report, completing the information the FI needs in order to onboard an applicant. 

Makes Remediation Easy

The constant updating and full audit trail make remediation projects and regulatory reporting a lot easier. 


Learn more about our two other modules for a complete client onboarding solution and onboard any client type in under 3 minutes

Muinmos mCHECK

mCHECK™ complements Muinmos’ other modules by providing full, instant and automated KYC/KYB/AML/AML checks through built-in connectivity to multiple data-providers.

Muinmos mPASS

mPASS™ is a proprietary regulatory compliance engine which complements Muinmos’ other modules by providing full financial product, services and cross-border clearances including automated categorisation, suitability & appropriateness checks.

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