Brokers can greatly benefit from partnering with Muinmos, a KYC compliance company, in several ways:

1. Enhanced Regulatory Compliance: Muinmos ensures brokers meet all regulatory requirements efficiently, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues.

2. Streamlined Onboarding: Muinmos offers advanced verification technologies that accelerate client onboarding, improving client satisfaction and reducing drop-offs.

3. Improved Risk Management: Muinmos helps brokers identify and mitigate potential risks through thorough background checks and continuous monitoring.

4.Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings: Automating the KYC process with Muinmos reduces manual workload, saving time and operational costs.

5. Better Customer Experience: A seamless KYC process enhances customer experience, leading to higher client retention and referrals.

By leveraging Muinmos' expertise and technology, brokers can focus on business growth while ensuring robust compliance.

Banking Sector

Eliminate unnecessary compliance expenses for your bank or credit union.

Facilitate digital evolution through a tailored compliance solution designed for banking institutions, enhancing KYC processes.

Meet customer demands for swift onboarding, curbing abandonment rates, while expediting revenue generation.

Payment Services

Streamline compliant verification of individuals and merchants.

Mitigate risks and curb non-compliance by leveraging a digital platform that effectively balances AML and CFT responsibilities with customer satisfaction.

Investment Banking

Automate real-time AML verification for investors.

Slash daily compliance costs and optimize AML procedures within your investment bank to adhere to heightened regulatory scrutiny.

Wealth Management

Ensure AML compliance for wealth management entities.

Optimize your wealth management risk policies and reduce manual compliance burdens to meet regulatory mandates seamlessly.


Conduct crypto KYC verifications and monitor suspicious activities regularly.

Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms can achieve regulatory adherence and avoid substantial fines with our eKYC and ID verification platform, ensuring genuine customer identities.

Legal Firms

Fulfill client KYC obligations for AML compliance.

Ensure compliance with KYC/CDD and anti-money laundering mandates for your legal practice through a seamlessly integrated compliance software solution.

Family Office

Streamline AML compliance for family offices.

Simplify AML compliance obligations for family offices with our comprehensive solution.

From conducting enhanced due diligence on high-net-worth individuals to monitoring complex financial transactions, our platform ensures robust compliance while preserving family wealth and confidentiality.

Private Equity

Enhance AML due diligence processes for private equity firms.

Optimize AML compliance procedures tailored to the unique needs of private equity investments.

Our solution enables efficient screening of investors and counterparties, reducing manual efforts and ensuring regulatory adherence across diverse portfolios.

Secure Client Onboarding with Muinmos:
Comprehensive KYC Verification

PEP & Sanctions

Ensures compliance by screening clients against Politically Exposed Person (PEP) and sanctions lists worldwide.


Ongoing Monitoring

Continuously monitors clients to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations and mitigate risks.


Adverse Media

Identifies any negative news or information associated with clients across global media sources.



Confirms the authenticity of client-provided identification documents and addresses.



Validates the authenticity of client-provided identification documents and addresses through facial recognition technology.



Utilizes electronic methods for customer identification, streamlining the KYC process.


Category Leader

KYC Onboarding

Chartis Research, a leading provider of research and analysis, crowned Muinmos as category leader in CLM Solutions for Wealth Management in 2023.

“Muinmos couples a deep understanding of customer pain points with a passion for overcoming these challenges, while its awards for integrated workflow and broker-dealer solutions reflect its understanding and focus.”

Nick Vitchev, Research Director at Chartis

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