Frequently Asked Questions

Muinmos’ proprietary Regulatory Onboarding Engine is a one-stop solution for client onboarding in financial services. Under its mPASS™ module, it instantly and globally classifies/categorises the client in accordance with MiFID II in the EU or as equivalent in the rest of the world (KYCC), and instantly determines whether a financial institution can onboard a client to trade with it in a particular service (KYS), product (KYP) and country (KYCO) whilst performing complete Suitability and/or Appropriateness assessments. Under its mCHECK™ module, it clears the anti-money laundering requirements (AML) by using a traffic light rating system with full detailed breakdown of the results and ongoing regulatory risk monitoring. This cuts down the onboarding time from weeks or months to seconds, at a fraction of the cost. Under its mRX™ module, it automatically notifies the financial institution of any regulatory changes 24/7, ensuring continuous compliance with complete risk management on all onboarded clients.

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