The Technology Leader in Client Onboarding 

Client onboarding is more than just KYC/AML.

Muinmos' client onboarding platform is the only solution that fully automates the whole onboarding chain, from AI powered client categorisation to fully automated risk assessments and KYC/AML checks.

It's a platform like no other, delivering unmatched onboarding times and a smooth customer experience, allowing you to onboard more clients at a fraction of the costs.

Regulatory compliance engine that provides instant regulatory clearances and keeps up-to-date with changing regulation

mPASS™ instantly answers the following question for the financial institution: “Can we offer this client product X with service Y in country Z?”

KYC/AML solution that produces instant comprehensive KYC/AML reports and automatically performs ongoing monitoring

mCHECK™ is connected to multiple data sources, allowing for global coverage and all types of KYC/AML checks.

Risk assessment tool that provides instant client risk assessments and updates them automatically

mRX™ makes sure you are always within your own risk parameters, even when clients' profiles, regulation or your own policies change.

One Platform, Three Modules

Discover how Muinmos' Client Onboarding Platform helped a Global Financial Institution Onboard Its Clients in Less Than 3 Minutes

The power of AI

Muinmos’ proprietary regulatory onboarding engine is a one-of-a-kind software, that automatically classifies clients, products and services, using algorithmic rule-based Artificial Intelligence. 

Full compliance at full speed

With Muinmos you don't need to cut any corners. You can onboard any client type within minutes while remaining fully compliant.   

One platform that does it all

Muinmos’ client onboarding platform is the only client onboarding software solution you need. Designed as a one-stop-shop, comprehensive solution, the platform takes care of the entire onboarding chain, from KYC/AML, to risk assessments and regulatory classification. 

A ready-to-use product

No need for long system design or bespoking processes. Muinmos' client onboarding platform is a ready-to-use, cloud-based SaaS product, that can be used either as a stand-alone or as an integrated part of your system.  

Our Story

Muinmos when read in reverse is Latin for "dream". In every sense, our mission is to be a dream come true for the financial compliance sector. Structured automation through AI and Machine Learning is how we envisage 21st-century compliance. 

Muinmos was founded in 2012 by Remonda Z. Kirketerp-Møller, who foresaw the need to modernize client onboarding by using cutting-edge technologies, that can provide a fast, smooth yet still fully compliant client onboarding.

Over the last nine years, with significant investment in unique technology, and against the backdrop of an increasingly complex regulatory environment, Muinmos has developed its client onboarding platform, which delivers unmatched results. 

The Muinmos team consists of some of the industry’s most respected FinTech entrepreneurs and technologists across Europe and Asia, with extensive in-house experience within global financial institutions as well as in-depth knowledge from working closely with regulators.

Keeping up-to-date and remaining compliant in a fluid regulatory landscape across multiple jurisdictions is a huge burden for financial institutions of all sizes. Muinmos automates this process, providing a simple, fast and efficient way to address this issue, fully empowering financial institutions to drive their business forward whilst strengthening their compliance and protecting their investors.

Regulatory Sandboxes

Muinmos is taking part in the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) sandbox and was selected for the 5th cohort of the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) sandbox. We welcome the participation of financial institutions that are keen to test the innovative impact of our proprietary client onboarding platform on their regulatory compliance. We are interested in working in partnership with regulators to use our proprietary technology to create the highest standards in regulatory compliance.


Why Muinmos?

Muinmos delivers a faster, more efficient way to perform cross-border regulatory compliance and provides an enhanced client onboarding experience.

The innovative Muinmos proprietary Regulatory Compliance Engine has been developed in-house applying natural language processing, machine learning and neural nets by a team of legal and compliance experts and technologists, all with decades of experience in major markets as well as insight from working with global regulators. Muinmos’ Founder and CEO, Remonda Kirketerp-Møller, a qualified lawyer in multiple jurisdictions, has held Board level positions and headed up legal, compliance and regulatory functions within two global financial institutions.

Muinmos understands the pain points and inefficiencies of the traditional compliance model which can impede sales and result in faulty client onboarding, leaving the financial institution at risk of mis-selling.

Accolades up to 2024

What They Say About Us

"Thanks to Muinmos’ great team we have been able to integrate their system really easy. The solution is really intuitive and easy to understand. It allowed us to onboard more clients on a weekly basis, and from countries we were not targeting in the past. We have kept the same onboarding team but been able to increase our onboarding by 65%”.

Business Development Director

"We have used Muinmos for a little less than a year, and only have had great experiences with the product and team. I have already referred it out to 2 other people I used to work with. It has saved us a lot of time, the instantaneous results are extremely helpful, and the team personally jump in as needed for edge cases. Their response time is almost immediate. I give Muinmos an unqualified recommendation".

Chief Compliance Officer

“Muinmos’ engine is a dream for any financial institution. It is truly outstanding - and we always appreciate the support we receive from the Muinmos team”.

Head of Compliance

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