Meet Our New Partner: DL Consulting

DL Consulting is a Cyprus-based fintech services consultancy, with extensive knowledge of IT and compliance and impressive technical capabilities. Renowned for their consultative approach, they have built a reputation for excellence in helping brokers worldwide to onboard the right solutions for their businesses.

Muinmos has appointed DL Consulting as a Sales & Implementation Partner. Emma Dalziel, Director at DL Consulting, explains more….

Tell us more about how you operate.

We work with brokers worldwide to understand their pain points, identify the right solutions to solve them, help with the implementation, and ensure the technology is rolled out effectively and customized to suit the client’s needs. In short, we try to solve our clients’ problems and save them time and money.

What does your partnership with Muinmos involve?

We will work with clients looking to enhance any or all aspects of their onboarding processes by integrating Muinmos’ platform, optimizing it to suit their specific needs, and ensuring the users within the brokerage are fully trained in how to use the platform most effectively. We only work with best-of-breed, tried and tested, trusted technology partners – and Muinmos ticks all those boxes!

What are your views on Muinmos’ technology?

Muinmos has a unique proposition with its fully-automated SaaS solution for verification, suitability and appropriateness checks and fast onboarding. It is ideal for clients operating in multiple jurisdictions looking to streamline and automate processes relating to onboarding and regulatory compliance.

I had first-hand experience of working with Muinmos a couple of years ago when we installed their software in a South African brokerage needing to enhance their client onboarding practices. I was so impressed by the product’s capabilities and the implementation was seamless.

What are you currently seeing as the biggest pain points amongst financial institutions?

We live in a fragmented world. Quite often, we seem to have the answers in terms of data and technology, however businesses fail to find solutions quickly enough to accommodate their plans of growth. This is usually due to lack of communication at crucial points of project implementation, generally the project manager or product owner takes the full load of responsibility for success and that is not always enough to achieve it.  

By discovering the needs of a business holistically as well as understanding the implementation and launching priorities, our consultative approach empowers our clients to achieve their goals.  We have a combined industry experience of over 30 years, and this means that we can make sure the right products are selected and implemented to the exact requirements of our clients.