Meet Agnieszka Noworól, Customer Success Director, Muinmos

Agnieszka Noworól, former Head of KYC and Onboarding Solutions at IG, joined Muinmos as Customer Success Director in December. Here she shares her views about life at Muinmos.

What is your initial impression of working at Muinmos?

I only joined Muinmos at the start of December but I already feel at home. I really love the product, the atmosphere in the office and the team. It is exciting to join the company at such a pivotal moment, when business is booming and financial institutions are increasingly recognising the capabilities and benefits of our fantastic product.

What has impressed you most about Muinmos so far?

Muinmos’ product is truly exceptional, as is the depth of experience and knowledge of the team.  I’ve also been hugely impressed by working with Remonda, who is an incredible leader. It is an honour to work with her, learn from her, and exchange professional experiences with her.

I have always been a great fan of working with a purpose and vision and Muinmos is one of those very few companies which has it all. Muinmos’ passion for the product, care for the delivery of the very best customer service, and commitment to continuously perfecting an already amazing platform is something I noticed instantly.

What do you think the biggest pain points will be for financial institutions in 2023?

Constantly changing regulations and increasing scrutiny of risk and compliance policies will keep financial institutions on their toes. Market leaders will have to adjust to this volatile regulatory environment and find the best solutions for managing risk and they will have to adapt to new regulatory requirements for onboarding clients. This, of course, is where Muinmos comes in!

Our product can support financial institutions seeking automation in a heavily regulated environment who rapidly need to accelerate their onboarding and compliance processes. Manual and human led reviews of risks and changing requirements can create plenty of challenges, often resulting in the loss of significant business opportunities for them. Nowadays, clients want to be onboarded faster than ever before and this is where Muinmos’ platform can help. I strongly believe that our solution is a game changer for many companies out there.

What is your focus going to be in 2023?

My main focus is on building even stronger relationships with our current and future clients. I am passionate about continuous improvements and operational excellence. I have vast experience in this area and this will be part of my day to day role in coming months. Most importantly, I want to ensure that our clients continue receiving first class customer service and that their feedback is utilised by us to make further enhancements to the platform.