mCHECK™ KYC/AML Platform

Muinmos’ mCHECK™  KYC/AML platform streamlines the KYC/AML process, linking to numerous databases, vetted by Muinmos’ experts, and through one single platform.


Rigorous Global AML/KYC/KYB Checks

Muinmos mCHECK


mCHECK  is a key module in Muinmos’ Regulatory Onboarding Engine, enhancing KYC compliance processes.

It provides a comprehensive set of due diligence tools including AML, KYC and KYB checks to assist Financial Institutions with the client and third-party risk mitigation, combating financial crime.

Discover how Muinmos' Regulatory Onboarding Engine helped a Global Financial Institution Onboard Its Clients in Less Than 3 Minutes

mCHECK™ is industry-unique in that it interfaces with numerous KYC / KYB / AML databases.

Conducts full company verification with reports including ultimate beneficial owners, financial data, credit scoring, corporate events and more.

Full global clearances on politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions and adverse media screening.

Event corporate monitor based on key indicators such as beneficial owner change, new accounts filed, negative data triggered, change in credit limit and scoring etc.

Multiple channel partnerships with AML data sources.

Cloud-based and offered as a standalone solution or together with mPASS™ and/or mRX™.

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For a complete regulatory compliance solution, Muinmos’ Regulatory Onboarding Engine consists of 3 distinct modules. mPASS,™ mCHECK™ and mRX™, with onboarding of any client type in under 3 minutes.

mPASS™ complements Muinmos’ mCHECK™ module by providing full financial product, services and cross-border clearances including automated categorisation, suitability & appropriateness checks.

mRX™ is Muinmos’ innovative risk scoring module. Clients can select which modules to integrate with or combine all three for a complete compliance solution.