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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PASS?

PASS is a cloud-based technology using algorithmic rule-based artificial intelligence (AI) to instantly and globally validate whether a financial institution can onboard a client from any part of the world. PASS categorizes clients, conducts suitability and/or appropriateness testing, conducts cross border and third country clearances, and delivers results instantly.

Who is PASS for?

Any financial institution in capital markets that is required to categorize clients and assess the suitability and/or appropriateness of financial instruments and investment services and cross border and third country clearance as part of their know-your-client (KYC) onboarding due diligence.

Which jurisdictions (regulations) does PASS cover?

PASS secures global compliance by applying all relevant regulations in the applicable jurisdiction(s) for its client base.

How does PASS instantly conduct categorizations and suitability and/or appropriateness testing?

Our AI driven regulatory engine ensures all necessary and relevant regulatory client information is obtained through the platform and crossed against all the relevant regulatory requirements within seconds. Our regulatory engine considers all relevant discrepancies in legislation from one jurisdiction to another to fully validate clearance on the client in a cross border and third country setting.

How does PASS integrate with existing systems?

Our AI driven regulatory engine allows us to offer a seamless compliance workflow for your customers and can be fully integrated into CRMs and onboarding platforms through our robust API.

How do you keep up with regulatory requirements?

Our regulatory compliance data is streamed through our AI Regulatory Engine in real time, securing continuous compliance throughout the client’s life cycle.

Does PASS offer anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) checks?

PASS offers a single solution for client onboarding including AML/KYC checks on PEPs and Sanctions monitoring, ID verification and adverse media for client onboarding. PASS can also integrate with your choice of AML provider.

Is PASS customizable?

Yes. Financial institutions can customize features using their own PASS organisation under the configuration tab including, adding their own branding if used as a standalone and not API. muinmos’ Team offers full implementation support.

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