About Muinmos

Muinmos when read in reverse is Latin for a dream. In every sense, our mission is a dream come true for the financial compliance sector. Structured automation through AI and machine learning is how we envision 21st-century compliance.

Muinmos was founded in 2012 by Remonda Z. Kirketerp-Møller who spotted a gap in the market to use cutting-edge technology to deliver a compliant, faster and more efficient client onboarding experience. Over the last eight years, following significant investment in technology and against the backdrop of an increasingly complex regulatory environment, Muinmos has invested in an evolved its unique proprietary Regulatory Onboarding Engine.

The Muinmos team consists of some of the industry’s most respected FinTech entrepreneurs and technologists across Europe and Asia, with extensive in-house experience within global financial institutions as well as in-depth knowledge from working closely with regulators.

Keeping up-to-date and remaining compliant in a fluid regulatory landscape across multiple jurisdictions is a huge burden for financial institutions of all sizes. Muinmos automates this process, providing a simple, fast and efficient way to address this issue, fully empowering financial institutions to drive their business forward whilst securing their compliance and protecting their investors.

Copenhagen Office:

+45 4029 9002

London Office:

+44 (0)74 1491 7380